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PrePlan online or by mail no appointment required click here!     If FREE sounds good continue reading! There are basically three types of individuals who visit this website. First, if you are here you probably already realize that you should get all your affairs in order, so as to NOT burden your surviving family. But here’s the problem. 1. The first type of person has the financial means to PrePlan everything and after seeing how easy it is to do and the fact that by Pre Planning they can save them thousands of dollars, and most important, prevent their surviving family from the stress and burdens, they will request an appointment and will get it done! 2. The second type of person knows that they should do it but doesn’t think that they have the money to do anything. What they don’t know is that we designed the program, so if you want to do it, we will find a way to help you get it done. Even if you don’t have two nickles to rub together, when we leave your home, you will be Pre-Planned and your surviving family will be protected! 3. The third type of person knows that they should do it , but does not want an appointment, does not want to talk about it, but absolutely wants to get their affairs in order, absolutely wants to protect their surviving family, but wants to do it in private, by themselves. For that person we have two options.     The first option is to do it completely online and the second option is to do it by mail. After you read the information simply click here to begin the process or click the link above!     If you do not Pre Plan and your surviving family will be forced to deal with your un-organized state of affairs and it can easily cost (or waste) them thousands of dollars. The organizational forms that we give you would easily cost you thousands of dollars if you had an attorney provide them. Our plan is even designed so that Social Security will pay 100% of your Pre Plan costs!     Our mission is to help individuals (especially Seniors) protect themselves and their surviving families from the legal issues, stress, emotional and financial burdens that can be forced upon them when someone dies unprepared.  Basically we help people get all their ducks in a row!     The best part is even if you have no family or friends, we can help you plan all your final arrangements and get your estate organized and then carry out the plans for you, including taking care of and providing for surviving pets.     We have a FREE, no cost or obligation, PreNeed check list that will allow you to see what you need. Click here to request it! Let’s face it, you only have two choices. 1. Pre Plan with us for FREE, get all your affairs in order and personally accept the responsibility by making all your own final decisions and arrangements in advance! (Even if you have no money, you can at least get your affairs in order and pick what you want done and lock in the guaranteed lowest “At Need” prices to protect your surviving family) 2. Ignore the inevitable (that you will eventually die) and force your un-organized state of affairs, decisions, legal issues and financial burdens on your surviving family. After you request our FREE PreNeed check list and figure out what you need, here is what we can supply you with: Note: These are all options, pick what you want and need only! No cost or obligation! Legal: 1. Do you have a living will? Included! 2. Do you have a will? Included! 3. Is your estate organized so that the government doesn’t step in and make decisions for you? Included! 4. Do you need to set up a trust outline that will allow you to leave your surviving family a legacy not burdens? Included! 5. Do you have pets? What happens to them when you die? Even if you have no family or friends, we can make sure that your surviving pets are cared for! 6. Do you have a vehicle? Includes vehicle transfer forms so your family can easily transfer vehicles. 7. Do you have a bank account. Power of attorney transfer forms included so your family can easily access your funds. 8. Did you know that Social Security has a beneficiary form that HAS to be signed before you die or it will NOT pay? Included. 9. Are you a Veteran? The VA will more than cover ALL your PrePlan costs. Details are included! 10. Are you prepared for the Medicare asset spend down laws in case you need a nursing home someday? Details on how to legally spend down your assets before a nursing home takes every penny are included. 11. Do you have a home? Quit claim deed included with details. Make sure your spouse or significant other doesn’t end up in the street. Insurance warning! Many seniors think they have insurance that will pay for their final expenses, but in many cases they have no idea what they have, can’t find the policies or even worse, their surviving family finds out after they die, the insurance won’t pay  or is not accessible. We can inspect what you have and make sure it will pay! An appointment is required to examine the insurance. 12. Do you have life insurance? Did you know that some life insurance can be assigned to Pre Pay your final expenses allowing you to Pre Arrange everything saving as much as 70%? FREE policy examination and set up! 13. Many Seniors have insurance that will never pay because the selling agent lied on the application. You told the truth when asked health questions, but the agent lied on the application to make a sale making it void. You might be making payments on a policy that is void. FREE policy examination! 14. Are you paying high insurance premiums when you can get it for FREE with a Return Of Premiums policy? Selling agents get paid commissions and what you have may not be the best deal. FREE policy examination! 15. Do you have term insurance that will soon expire or double in cost? Many seniors were not warned that term eventually expires or skyrockets in cost, forcing you to drop the plan when you need it most. FREE policy examination! 16. Many Seniors have no idea what insurance they actually have, need to make sure they have the correct beneficiary and can not even find the policy. We can change the beneficiary for you and get you a new copy free! 17. Many Seniors have insurance with a cash value that can be used to pay all their final expenses in advance, saving them well over $7,000.00. Let us show you how to use your cash value and maybe stop making wasted payments. 18. If you are living from check to check and don’t have two nickles to rub together, let us show you how your $255.00 Social Security death benefit can eventually be used to at least lock in the guaranteed lowest “At Need” prices to protect your surviving family! 19. If you have a bank account, certificate of deposit, IRA, retirement account, stocks or an annuity that is not paying at least a 10% return, you need the Ohio Insured Guaranteed Indexed Annuity information.    Did you know you can link your funds into the S & P 500, which is earning over 11% with a contractual guarantee to never experience a loss? Let us show you the numbers of what an 11% gain per year can do for you. 20. No family or friends? We can set up your affairs so that what you want done will get done! Including taking care of your surviving pets! 21. Leave your children or grandchildren a legacy they will never forget! We can help you set up a forever gift that they will never forget starting at $20.00 per month!     When you die and your surviving family are forced to call a funeral home, who will make the call? Who will they call? Do they know what you want done? What happens to your pets? Will all members agree or will this cause family disagreements lasting for years? What will your final arrangements cost them? How will they pay? How can they access your life insurance, your bank accounts, your vehicles, your home and so forth? We can help you  Pre Plan all your final arrangements for FREE and instantly solve all these problems.     You can choose Cremation (with or without a viewing) or a Traditional Funeral with a Memorial Viewing and Burial. Since we have negotiated discounted Pre-Need packages from local funeral homes, this can save your surviving family more than $10,000.00 and protect them from being taken advantage of by a funeral home.     Once you know the final expense costs you have three options. The first two options are you accepting the financial obligation yourself (if you are able) and the third is your family handling the costs. (Maybe using your existing life insurance, provided you have let us make sure it is properly assigned and in force). One: Pay it in full and be done with it! Two: Contract for it, lock in a discounted price forever, no money down and make monthly payments as low as $20.00 per month. Three: Pick exactly what you want and register it, so your family knows exactly what you want and lock in the “Guaranteed Lowest At Need Price”. In this option your surviving family accepts the financial responsibility.     If it just makes sense for you to get all your ducks in a row, so your surviving family is not forced to try and figure all this out on the day after you die. Be forced to call a funeral home, then be up sold, taken advantage of, guilted, or tricked into buying products and services that you do not need, do not want and probably can not afford, then take the first step today by requesting the FREE check list to see exactly what you might need by clicking here!     If you would like us to pay you a no obligation visit and help you go through the check list, request an appointment by clicking here and let us help you and your family absolutely FREE!     If you want to do all the PrePlanning in private, either online or by mail, click here to start the process. Terms of Use Need some extra money, tell a friend and earn some $$. Click here for details!