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    Welcome to Senior PreNeed. The purpose of this website is to help Seniors plan their final arrangements (Pre Plan) so the decisions and financial burden will not be forced on their surviving families on the day after they pass. Plus if you do not lock in the costs then the funeral home will take advantage of your surviving family. There is no cost or obligtion to Pre Plan your final arrangements! After you are done Pre Planning you will then have two options. Pre Need or At Need. 1. Pre Need means that you accept the decisions and financial responsibility of making all your own final arrangements in advance of your death. You pick exactly what YOU want in advance, locking is today’s price, usually at a 70% or more discount and you either: A. Pay for it in full and be done with it! B. Contract for it, locking in today’s price and set up affordable payments. Pre Plan all your final expenses today online for FREE!  Click here! 2. At Need means that you pick in advance exactly what you want done, but either can not afford, at this time, to accept the full fininacial burden, but have at least locked in the lowest possible at need price for your surviving family and maybe even made some payments toward the cost. You can protect your surviving family and lock in the lowest possible at need costs by registering your choices for as low as $10.00 per month. Pre Need or At Need final arrangements. Choices! 1. Cremation. There are more than 5 options. There are bare bones no viewing options starting as low as $1,040.00 or $18.00 per month! There are full traditional embalming, casket, service, and public viewing options, with cremation after as low as $35.00 per month. 2. Traditional Funeral with embalming, casket, service, and public viewing options with body burial. Starting as low as $2,995.00 or $35.00 per month. There are an unlimited  number of options. There are some fixed costs. Includes body pickup, embalming, body prep, casket choice, hearse, transportation to memorial service, public showing, funeral director services, permits, SS paperwork, death certificate, transportation to cemetery, car flags installed and removed, grave site services, and tent services.     Then there are are products and services that can vary in cost, so they can not be pre planned, but can be estimated in advance and included in the protection plan. Then the money is set aside and given to the surviving family to pay for the extras. These are plots, liners, vaults, opening and closing, headstones, different casket options, celebration of life parties, and more. Our Pre plan expert can explain all your options. Again what you can afford will probably determine what you choose.     Why Pre-Plan? This will prevent your surviving family from being forced to call a funeral home on the worst day of their lives, the most emotional day, and the most vulnerable day, the day after you pass. If you do not Pre plan and force your surviving family to call a funeral home AFTER you die,  a funeral home will upsell your surviving family even if they want the body cremated.     Pick exactly what you want in advance at a 70% discount and stop any and all future inflation. By pre-planning you can legally spend down your assets for medicare, save thousands of dollars, plus prevent your surviving family from being tricked by a funeral home into answering the $10,000.00 question wrong. The last thing that you want to happen is your family being guilt “up sold” products and services you do not want, need or can afford!     The easiest way is to have our Pre Plan expert pay you a visit, design what you want and then see what needs to be done to adjust what you want, to what you can afford. No high pressure, just help you get the protection you want, at something you can afford.     If nothing else, when our Pre Plan expert leaves for as little as $10.00 per month you can choose an “At Need” plan that will protect your surviving family by guaranteeing them the lowest “At Need” price when you pass, with the option to upgrade at anytime to a full PreNeed plan. Pre Plan all your final expenses today online for FREE!  Click here! Pre-need cremation information click here! Pre-need funerals with viewings and burial click here!